We are a Brazilian company of information systems development and integration applied to business management and industrial/commercial automation of information. We have a modern technological structure to ensure consistency, reliability and availability of services to our clients.

We operate in several fields

Aeronautics Industry
Automotive Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Trade and Distribution

What we do

We believe information can create a competitive advantage to our clients. Hense, we use our skills to develop systems that collect and store data, creating reliable knowledge so that it is always be available for decision making.


Our services

We provide several services to guarantee the everyday needs of your company.

  • Requirements Survey and ERP modeling
  • Development and Multi-Platform Systems Integration
  • Applications for Industrial Automation
  • Consultancy in Business Management
  • Tax Systems Assistance (SPED, Sintegra, Manad, Cinco, IN86)
  • Consultancy in Systems Engineering
  • Systems Documentation
  • Applied Training

Our Products

Some of our consolidated products:







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