The ActiBee Wireless is a compound system formed by the Andon Software, the Data Hub and the Coletor, which integrate a solution for industrial applications.

Each module is a small independent item, working on batteries or power plug and connected to machines on the production line. The modules connect to the system automatically, without wires.

It is an easy system to setup and totally flexible, so you don't need to make any changes on the industry's floor plan.


Actibee Andon is a system that works with a Wireless data collector. It’s easy to setup and don’t require lots of infrastructure. Andon generates strategic measures in real time and acts as a production supervisory system.

For an efficient management, nothing better than a flexible, scalable and easy-to-implement software.

Alert Creation

Data is transmitted from the machines to the Coletor and to ActiBee System via wireless connection.


Machines and Equipment

Data Collector

Wireless Network

ActiBee System




ActiBee Andon allow the input of the company’s floor plan, in which each Coletor is positioned.

This way, it is possible to have a full view with every Coletor (machine) in real time.

ActiBee Andon also permits to evaluate the production progress, as well as the company’s efficiency and control equipment stops (time from each machine and department in a period).

Then, the company can evaluate what are the best stop rates and time of each one of them.


More than an Andon System, ActiBee can act like a supervisory, capturing data from machines via communication with PLC and creating strategic indicators in real time.

The Data Collector can be connected in the machine’s PLC, equipment or any other type of interface from which the integration is desired. Your function is to show the current status of the machine and send those data via Wireless to the ActiBee or another similar system.