Development, Engineering and Consultancy

ACTi is a Brazilian company of project, development, integration of information systems applied to business management and automation of industrial/comercial information, which operates since 2003.

Aiming to provide efficient solutions, our highly qualified team develops technologies with every client, focusing on its daily needs based on project management, systems engineering and configuration contro.l

Located in São José dos Campos, state of São Paulo, Brazil, we have a modern technological structure to ensure consistency, reliability and availability of services to our clients, considering the new tech market trends.


Our mission is to overcome the client expectations with creative and innovative solutions, ensuring the diffusion of information with maximum use of our applications.


In mid-term, we want to become an Information Technology Company recognized in all Brazilian territory for our projects and products that support information management.


Focus on the client’s needs

Technological Innovation

Ethics and commitment in business

Promptness in solution delivery


Technical excellence and quality

Business Model

  • Understanding of our client’s needs

  • Immersion in the client’s business and processes

  • Integration with data platforms

  • Detailed and customized projects

  • Systems implementation and customization

  • Fast and safe internal communication

  • Efficient system implementation                   

  • Feature tests and simulations          

  • Validation with users, public systems and accounting

  • Continuous monitoring

Fields of Activities

Aeronautical Industry

Automotive Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Metallurgical Industry

Electronics Industry

Commercial Importers and Distributors

Project and Assembly Companies

Service Provider Companies

Maintenance Management Companies


Tertuliano R. Pinto

Managing Partner / Electronic Engineer

Masters and Doctorate Degree in Sciences with focus on Real Time Systems and Product Development by ITA
MBA in Business Management

Expert in the following fields:
Product Development
System’s Engineering
Project Management
Industrial Automation and Systems for Industrial Processes Control
Software and Hardware Development for boarded systems
Space System’s Project, Electronics Systems for rockets and satellite launchers
Tracking systems of product and processes
MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and SFC (Shop Floor Control)
Systems for Electronic Kanban
IoT Systems (Internet of Things)

Kleber Leonardo Pinto

Managing Partner / Systems Analyst

Expert in the following fields:
Management Systems
Systems Development and Analysis
Process Mapping and Analysis
WEB, Desktop and Mobile Projects

Main Projects:
Medical Tracking System at JnJ
ERP Development – Interacti

Tharcius Augusto Pivetta

Managing Partner / Programmer Analyst

Computer Engineer
Masters in Science and Space Technologies by ITA
MBA in Technological Information Management

Some Certifications:
Microsoft® Certified Solutions Expert
Microsoft® Certified Solutions Solutions
Microsoft® Certified Professional Developer
Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist
Microsoft® Certified IT Professional

José Dimas R. Santos

Business Partner / Accountant and Lawyer

Owner of Ascon Assessoria Contábil

MBA in Financial Management, Controllership and Audit
MBA in Business Law
International Certification by University of Tampa in Innovation Management for Brazilian Professional
Master in Controllership

Expert in the following fields:
Aeronautical Industry
Metal-Mechanic Industry
Services and Distribution
International Investments
Cost Management
Business Law

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