Case: Salvagnini

Salvagnini of Brazil is a technical support company (with parts trade and/or provision of services) of machine sells. Their headquarters are located in Italy, producing machines for bending, punching, press, among others. Salvagnini also has branches on USA and Austria.

Interacti was implemented in 2009, and since then has attending the needs for enrich services and parts sells, identifying each sold machine’s serial and warranty controls.


After identifying the serial on billing notes, it is possible to raise commercial indicators, for example: find a group of machines that has a high maintenance rate. It is also possible to trace a goal for average maintenance value, as showed in the following graphic:

Salvagnini has another concern: its stock control. As their clients has process which cannot stop, a minimal stock is very important to the company.

This way, a daily control shows products, stock, open sales orders and minimum stock. With so little proceedings, it is possible to generate sales orders for the headquarters or another branch, as showed:

Interacti also does the man-power hours and expenses management of Salvagnini. As this information is vital to revenues, the system create a data concentration of worked hours, trips, kilometers, accommodations, etc.

Those services and its values are classified accordingly to companies’ contracts and, after defined, are billed. The following image shows an example of a report extracted as a result of this management:

After those hours management, the service order is closed. At this moment, a receipt with all expenses is generated, with the following information: