Case: Germinex Seeds

Sementes Germinex (Germinex Seeds) is an Agro Business company, classified as the 10th biggest soy seed producer in Brazil. With more than four thousand hectares, Germinex has various products, like corn, sorghum, among other.

Agroacti was implanted in 2015, since then Germinex has a seed and input control, planting orders and costs management of seeds produced. Some other controls are made to meet demands of the Agriculture Ministry and Treasury Office.


Inputs are located or related in Planting Order (sort by plots), so its values are added until the system finds out the final cost of the plot. With this information, the harvested weight is verified and then it calculates the cost per kilogram of seeds. The consolidation of costs of these inputs can be exemplified as follows:

With costs added to expenses center, apportionments are made to evaluate monthly values of each work center. As a management tool, it can generate graphics that show man-power progress on planting, as the following graphic example:

Finally, it is possible to analyze all individually costs applied and apportioned in each plating order, showing the costs with overall plating expenses, labor, beneficiation (or third parties), direct material (seeds, fertilizer, among others), depreciation of machines and equipment maintenance.

Those results are very important to Germinex as they show the final cost to produce a kilogram of soy seed, for example. It is also possible to analyze process loss and identify which work center has the highest cost to the company. This validation can be verified in the following example: